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Lo que nuestros clientes dicen de nosotros

  • Posted:Mar 22,2014
    Overall: Comfort: Look: 5 Stars
    A different cleat pattern was shown by the picture than that which was sent. Thankfully, an alternative display was cheaper and the return was simple.
  • Posted:Apr 18,2014
    Overall: Comfort: Look: 5 Stars
    The progression from seeing to having the ability to see small print wasway away. The routine eyesight part was blurry and we found it quite hard to concentrate on fine print. We'd accept replacement; our prescriptions are on file... James BurtonSaskatoo, Canada
  • Posted:May 02,2014
    Overall: Comfort: Look: 5 Stars
    The latest set of glasses I ordered had a defect: the nose rests are soldered at distinct positions, which really makes the lopsided. I was told that I really could make myself to an alteration to the eyeglasses, as soon as I spoke on line to. But, I've attempted to do so, and also the defect remains apparent. Now, my issue: even though your policy is have the glasses sent back to you personally, I want the glasses now (even within their notso-perfect state). What shall I really do? Lyle Weis